Social Media Strategy

My project for this course will be mapping of Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Specifically, my research focuses on how Jewish material culture (cemeteries, synagogues, mezuzot, mikvot, etc) are being remembered in Poland (if they are actually being remembered at all).

I have previously collected data on these cemeteries and compiled this data into a spreadsheet. I am working on editing the spreadsheet to make it compatible with CartoDB and then I will be able to map.

A social media presence would enable me to share the results of my project with historians/anthropologists, museums, and other digital humanities projects/scholars. I’d hope that this could spark discussions on this subject matter and suggestions on how I could further this research.

The best method for sharing my mapping project would be to create a blog specifically for this project. I could see myself sharing not only my maps on remembrance, but also interesting information or stories that I have discovered while researching these Jewish cemeteries.

My hope for this project on memory is to contribute to the ongoing discussions on memory. Many of the complications in Polish-Jewish relations are due to this issue of remembrance: how do Poles remember the Jewish population of Poland? My research on Jewish material culture in Poland, which is ongoing, might provide new insights into the world of Polish-Jewish relations.

Success would be measured based on views/interactions on the blog. I would want to project my blog by connecting it with my other social media accounts in order to increase views and communicate with other organizations working on similar subjects.

One of my main goals for completing this mapping project is to eventually write a paper about it. Then I could expand my research towards other types of Jewish material culture in Poland. Social media is a great way to connect with others that are working on similar projects. I am looking forward to starting a social media presence about my work and then possibly expanding not only my research but also the social media presence on it.

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