Hello, my name is Alison Curry!

I created this blog for a Digital Public Humanities graduate certificate that I am currently working on that is offered through George Mason University. I am also currently working on a Masters degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Gratz College.

My interest in Digital Public Humanities stems from some research I started while an undergraduate student at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. For my senior research thesis, I was researching the memory of the Jewish past in contemporary Poland. In order to understand this memory, I focused on how Jewish material culture, including cemeteries and mezuzah impressions, is being remembered in Poland today.  At the time, I had wanted to map the data I had collected on Jewish cemeteries but had very limited knowledge on how to do so.

My research advisor suggested that I complete this certificate program with the hope of gaining insight into digital tools that I could use for my studies in history. Last semester, I was able to successfully map my cemetery work in the Introduction to Digital Public Humanities course. Now, I am taking a course on Digital Public History, which I am very excited about. While I have not personally worked on a public history site, I have been to many and also studied many of these sites. I am excited about public history for the education potential of these projects.

I am excited for this class because I could one day end up working at at a site of public history or work in the field of public history. This class would help prepare me for careers in public history and provide me with more knowledge and experience in digital public humanities.

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