HIST689: Introductory Post

This week, I am starting my third class in the Digital Public Humanities graduate certificate program. It’s hard to believe that I have already completed two out of three of the courses for this certificate! This post will serve as an introduction to myself for this new course.

My name is Alison Curry. I am twenty three years old and I live in Gaithersburg, MD. In May 2016, I graduated with my BA in Anthropology and History from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Now, I am a full-time graduate student, attempting to complete two graduate programs concurrently. Besides working on this certificate program, I am enrolled in a Masters degree program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies through Gratz College.

I decided to enroll in this certificate program because I yearned to expand my skills and knowledge of digital technology. For my senior thesis, I had hopes to map a portion of my data. However, with only one GIS class under my belt and a lack of time, I ended up finishing my thesis without a map component. Luckily, I was able to complete this part of my research project in the first course of this certificate.

My research interests surround Polish-Jewish history and Jewish material culture. More specifically, I am fascinated by how Polish citizens today are remembering the Jewish past of Poland. It is this question that I love to research. I am very happy to have been able to complete two projects for this certificate that focus on my research interests in some way.

I am very excited for this course, Teaching and Learning History in the Digital Age. I hope one day to be an educator in some way and I hope to be able to apply the digital technology skills I’m learning in this program to any teaching I do in the future. I have only taken one other education-focused class, but I really enjoyed it. I think this course will expand my knowledge and interest in education and the tools that can be used to best present history.

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