Mapping with CartoDB

I have had some previous experience working with mapping tools – mainly ArcGIS and QGIS. Those experiences made digital mapping seem exhaustive, difficult, and tedious. CartoDB is quite different – opposite of my experiences with the GIS software.

CartoDB allows anyone with data to be able to map it easily and efficiently. Again, as long as you have a dataset, CartoDB is fairly easy and straight-forward to use. Our dataset for this project was information from a collection of interviews from former slaves. When first uploaded, the map created was simple. It shows the location of each interview. You can also go in and alter the information shown, so that by clicking on the data, a user can see a glimpse of the information about that point.


There are many ways you can utilize CartoDB to alter the information shown through your map.

Intensity – this map feature shows the intensity of the locations of your data through colored dots (as shown below).


You can also show intensity through a heat map, which integrates the location data (as shown below).


Another way to view data is through the Categories option. Through this, I could view the data by slave “type.” The map shows this information by coordinating colors to they types of slaves discussed throughout the interviews. An example of this is shown below.


CartoDB is free to use on the web! Again, I found this program easy to use and user-friendly, especially when compared to other well-known mapping programs. For anyone that wants to use a mapping program, I suggest CartoDB. I am excited to further explore this program with my project for this semester.


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