Database Review

This post is a review of a database in the George Mason Library system.

Antique Map Price Record

Overview: The Antique Map Price Record is a collection of around 200,000 maps with the purpose of serving as an encompassing survey of antique maps. There is even a plan to create yet another guidebook of this database and redesign the website to have more advanced search features and many other new features.

Search: Searching this site is possible through many means. One can search by title words, mapmaker, subject, descriptions, company, regions, dates, and even map dimensions.


  • Date Range: c.1200-1979
  • Publisher: Originally published by David Jolly in 1983. Published on the web by Curt and Marti of Old Maps, LLC.
  • Publisher About Page:
  • Object Type: Maps
  • Full-Type Searchable: No, but searchable by subject matter, title and cartographer

History/Provenance: This database was first created as a guide for antique map collectors in 1983. In 2002 this guide was converted into from the guide to a digital CD-rom format. Today, this database is on the web, searchable in many formats.

  • Original Catalog: Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts & Battle Plans – Price Guide and Collectors’ Handbook by David C. Jolly (1983)

Access: Check libraries for their subscription to this database. The book format can also be purchased for $75.00.

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