Comparing Tools

In this post, I will compare three tools we learned during this session: Voyant, CartoDB, and Palladio.

Voyant was a text analysis tool, which allows users to analyze word and word usage from documents in a variety of ways. There are some bugs in this program which made it difficult to use. Despite these bugs, it allows for very careful text analysis and a variety of methods with which to analyze documents.

CartoDB is a mapping software that is incredibly easy to use. Not only is it easy to use, but it allows for many different ways to visualize your data. This tool visualizes geographic relationships in data.

Finally, there is Palladio, a tool which allows users to visualize relationships and correlations within data through a network. Unlike CartoDB, Palladio allows for visualizing relationships other than geographic relationships. You can pick specific aspects of your data and Palladio will show you the relationships between them.

All of these tools are useful but for a variety of reasons. While all three are used for visualizing relationships, they are used for different purposes. For those interested in understanding language in their data, Voyant would be the better tool. Those that want to understand geographic or spatial relationships should use CartoDB. And those that want to visualize relationships beyond the spatial should use Palladio.

But no one says you have to pick just one! All three tools are incredibly useful for humanities studies. Put together, you could come to understand your data from many different aspects, creating a holistic view of your data.

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