Setting Up a Digital Project

In Modules 4 and 5, we have read about the importance of planning. I have learned from the past few weeks that planning for a digital project is a crucial step in the process of building the site.

Content mapping and building a map for your digital project are important, early steps to take. When I first read about the content mapping and site planning, I thought that it was something I would not be able to accomplish at this early stage. I thought, “how can I draw out a map of my project if I’m not even sure what my project will turn out to be like?” But it turns out that this step is crucial.

Even at this early stage of my project, building a map of my project helped me visualize the steps I would need to take to physically build the website. It helped to piece together the data I had and how they could interact in my project.

Now, as I work through building exhibits, and the rest of my project, I have a plan and goal in mind for this project because I have already created a map for and designed my project.

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