Project Update

I’ve been thinking about this project for a weeks now. After doing some research and attempting to find sources for this project, I’ve realized that I might need to narrow this project a bit.

While I still want to focus on the narrative of the Holocaust/Jewish life in Poland post-World-War-II and how the incoming communist government altered that narrative, I might have trouble finding the wide range of primary sources for this type of project (particularly since I lack access to many of them). With that being said, I have decided to focus on monuments and memorials and how they show the communist government’s implied and forced narrative of the Holocaust and of Jewish life in Poland.

I feel as though a digital project is probably the best way to discuss this topic, since most of my sources will be images of monuments and memorials. I think the digital environment can showcase these memorials and monuments in a way that a paper cannot. I hope to create a site that can portray these important sites in a unique way, that encourages thoughts on historical narrative and collective memory. Also, I want the site to be as interactive as possible, so that viewers can nearly “get their hands on” these sites.

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