Project Update: 4/7/2017

I still feel a bit behind on my project. This semester has been insanely busy and so I’m trying to piece together this project little, by little…

So far, I have six sites on my website. I have had to re-work much of the metadata (since I did it incorrectly at the beginning of the project). Now that I have fixed it, I am ready to add more sites to my project.

Besides adding more sites to the project, I want to go back through the sites already uploaded to the project and add more descriptive information to their pages. When I first worked on the site, I wanted to get the sites uploaded, so I put basic, general descriptions of the site on the page. Now, I need to go back and add more information, so that this could truly be an educational and informative project.

I have also recently downloaded the Exhibit Builder and have added an exhibit to my project on “Warsaw Holocaust Sites.” Once I have added more sites to my project, I will be able to expand this exhibit as well as add other exhibits.

I want there to be other components, like a map component, to my project. So my next steps will be to figure out what other plug-ins I can install on Omeka that will expand the usability of my project.

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