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I started this blog as a requirement for the Graduate Certificate program I began in 2016. The program itself lasted around two years, during which time, we were required to regularly post on various subjects relating to the digital humanities. Up until this post, all of the posts on this blog were directly related to this program: responses to readings, analysis of projects, and reviews of an internship. Since the end of that program, I have not used the blog, but I decided to keep the domain name, blog, and other sites associated to it, in case I found new use for it in the future.

However, I believe I have found a new use for this blog! I will soon be starting a Ph.D. program in history at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. A part of my first year at the school will also include a fellowship in Digital Humanities through UNC-Chapel Hill’s Digital Humanities Launch program. My hope is that I can use this blog from here on out as a means of sharing current and ongoing research, showcase goings-on at UNC’s Digital Humanities, and maybe other reflections on topics like being a Ph.D. student and current events.

If you come across this page, I hope it can bring you a sense of what types of historical work can be done using the digital world, as well as any other insight into History Ph.D. programs.

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