A Definition of Digital Public Humanities

Over the past few months, I’ve been telling many people I know that I am taking a graduate certificate course on Digital Public Humanities. The title of this course seems to confuse almost everyone I discuss it with and I’ve had to try to give a definition to something that I honestly, up until that point, knew very little about. Thankfully, our first real coursework in this class has helped me to better understand Digital Humanities. Here, I will try to give a definition to Digital Humanities that I hope will reflect my previous knowledge of this topic to what I have just recently discovered.

Digital Humanities is a method of answering questions posed by humanities disciplines through the use of various tools of the ever-expanding digital world. Scholars, librarians, curators, archivists, students, etc., can better understand questions on culture, community, identity, history, and society through the use of digital tools like mapping, text analysis, digitization, archiving, and many more. Both the world of the digital and the world of humanities can be enhanced through the study of digital humanities. Another major component of digital humanities is collaboration. In this way, ideas, tools, and concepts can be shared to enhance research and study of the humanities.

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