Conferences and Presentations

Invited Presentations:

  • Bingham Faculty Fellows Symposium 2023-2024: Bodies and Embodiment – The University of Louisville. Presentation Title: “The Jewish Cemetery in Poland: Holocaust Memory, Jewish History, and Reconciling with the Past” (April 2024)
  • Max Weinrich Fellowship Lecture in Polish Jewish Studies – The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Presentation Title: “Between the Living and the Dead: Considering Tradition in the Jewish Cemeteries of Poland, 1918-1945″ (April 2023)
  • “The Holocaust, Jewish History and Memory: New Directions in Research” Panel – Carolina Center for Jewish Studies. Presentation Title: “In the Cemetery: Research on Space and the Holocaust” (January 2021)

Conference Presentations

  • 12th Annual Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association Annual Conference: The   Dimensions of Being and Belonging – Indiana University at Bloomington. Presentation Title: “Negotiating Identity and Considering Tradition: Jewish Burial Practices in Early 20th Century Poland” (February 2024)
  • Lessons and Legacies Europe: Bridging Disciplines, Histories, and Cultures – HEFNU, Charles University. Presentation Title: “In the Space of the Cemetery: Holocaust Atrocity, Resistance, and Everyday Life in Occupied Poland” (November 2023)
  • Fifth International Graduate Student Conference on Holocaust and Genocide Studies – Clark University. Presentation Title: “A Wedding Amongst the Graves: Rituals, Spiritualism, and the Jewish Cemetery” (October 2023)
  • “Historic Cemeteries in Cultural Contexts, Local to Global: 2022 Research Symposium” – Clemson University. Presentation Title: “The Sacred Spot: Memorializing and Historicizing the Jewish Past in Poland through the Cemetery” (October 2022)
  • “Bridging Divides. Rupture and Continuity in Polish Jewish History” Conference – Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute. PresentationTitle: “The Last Honor: Jewish Ritual and the Cemetery in the Warsaw Region Between the Interwar Period and the Second World War” (May 2022)